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Gecko Air Freshener - Pink
Gecko Air Freshener - Pink

Gecko Air Freshener - Pink


The gecko air freshener can be easily placed on the fins of the air vent. The gecko air freshener guarantees a pleasant fragrance in the vehicle for approx. 45 days. The black gecko air freshener has a sweet flowery fragrance.

* For fitting on fins of air vents in vehicle

* The product should not be exposed to temperatures above 185 °F

* Caution: the gecko air freshener is not a toy!

* Caution: certain areas of the vehicle can quickly exceed temperatures of 185 °F (e.g. dash panel, air vents etc.) during intensive sunlight.

* The fragrance is initially very intensive, but this decreases over time. The fragrance intensity is also dependent on the temperature in the vehicle and the setting of the vent blower